Mind Workplace Receives ‘Most Impactful System’ Award in 2020 by GWFM



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Press Release

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Berkeley Lake, GA (May 2022): 


Mind Workplace wins the “Most Impactful System Award” in 2020 by Global Workforce Management. It helps maturity in adoption with easy designing, creating value for the business. On different globally recognized platforms, Mind Workplace software has won several recognitions and positive reviews from the end-users.


Omind has enhanced its Mind Workplace software by adding new features for delivering innovative services that can deploy quickly and securely. The target market of Omind Technologies is small, medium, and large-sized companies across India and the USA. The target departments Mind Workplace serves are Recruitment, Payroll, LMS, Efficiency, Community, Insights, and People. 


Mind Workplace software offers you candidate management and workforce management aspects. This software streamlines and simplifies each aspect of employee management. It helps providing accurate and in-depth insights for focusing on your employees. The workforce management system adds efficiency and quality to the management of employees. 


With Mind Recruitment, it focuses on building culture, managing new recruits, and delivering effective recruitment management. It helps in the overall candidate management of new recruits and candidates. It is a flexible and powerful software that streamlines and structures employee onboarding solutions. It helps in easy screening of top talents, is a paperless approach, and seamless candidate management. Moreover, it also helps in making unbiased decisions for smart hiring and also helps make good hiring decisions. 


Mind payroll says goodbye to payroll complications and is used for accountants. This software helps manage, process, and calculate payroll in specified time periods. This automated software simplifies routine, complicated, and repetitive payroll tasks with the generation of results in no time. It aids in providing on-time salary with calculating taxes and instant generation of payslips. Along with this, this software helps processing payroll in a few clicks, minimizing compliance risks and tax penalties. This software helps creating insights to salary structure, with the accurate and on-time calculation of salary.