Mahendra Banna rj, Bio, Height, Age, Girlfriend, Career, Family & More



Mahendra Banna rj, Bio, Height, Age, Girlfriend, Career, Family & More

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Tittle – Mahendra Banna rj (YouTuber, Singer) height, Age, family, Biography & More

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Mahendra Banna rj is a multi-talented artist, who is popular for his Tech YouTube channel name is “Mahendra Banna rj” and social media presence. Mahendra Banna rj started his solo singing career with the song ( Safa badho to Lago Gajab ).

Mahendra Banna rj is a self-taught singer and music producer. Mahendra Banna rj is known for his very popular Disstrack song name was ( Safa badho to Lago Gajab ) which he sang in 2022 . He has done over 150 live performances to date.

Generally, people start pursuing their talents in adolescence, but not Mahendra Banna rj. He first picked up singing as an 12th grader when he was asked to sing at school functions. His family supported him even though they didn’t know much about music.

Mahendra Banna rj is a YouTuber, Singer, Musician, and Actor. He started his career as a YouTuber at the age of 14 and became famous as a teenager.

Mahendra Banna rj is also known for his other work on YouTube such as his collaborations with other singers and musicians. One of his collaborations was with Meraj Siddiqui and Kasak Prasad which became viral.

He was born on 07th september 1998 in Bikaner, Rajasthan to Ratan singh and lichhma His mother Tamanna Sisodiya is a housewife.

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Mahendra Banna rj is an Indian YouTuber who is famous for his videos on Music. He has more than 100000 subscribers on YouTube.

Mahendra Banna rj is one of India’s most popular music video YouTubers with more than 10,0000 subscribers on YouTube. His channel, Mahendra Banna rj Reviews, has had over 1 million views since he started it in 2021.

Mahendra started his channel when he was 16 years old and now at age 23 he has a net worth of $1 00K USD

Mahendra also runs a YouTube channel called Mahendra Banna rj, Mahendra Banna rj Vlog where he does upload vlogs and his Music Video.

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Mahendra Banna rj is also an Indian singer, musician, and actor. He is best known for Acting in the Hindi song “ Marwadi Geet 2019)”.