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This Press Release By Madkarter Technologies That is one of the most popular and trusted Customized Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India.

Press Release

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The packaging industry is an integral part of the goods manufacturing industry. The consumer needs both durable goods, as well as fresh, produces and all of them require packaging material for ensuring the safety of the product. Whether it is a strip of medicine, a tube of toothpaste, or packaged juice, every product requires packaging material.

There are specific requirements of various industries with respect to the packaging material and Corrugated Box is extremely popular in IT, telecom, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods, retail, and Food & Beverage industries. Before looking for Customized Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India, it is important that you know about its different types.

Every industry has specific requirements when it comes to Corrugated boxes. The pharma industry prefers a sober look with an emphasis on security. On the other hand, the consumer goods sector loves to have attractive and colorful packaging. Customized Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India take care to keep the client’s requirements in mind while designing the product. Currently, different types of sturdy customized corrugated boxes are available.

Here is a Look at the Various Options of Corrugated Box That you Can Choose from:

  1. Folding Corrugated Box – These are made using good quality raw material and are extremely durable and affordable Corrugated Box. They can be customized with respect to design and color to make them look more appealing.
  2. Litho-laminated Corrugated Box – In this case, you get the strength of corrugated boxes along with an excellent graphic display to attract the customer. The product is well-protected thanks to the laminated offset printed sheet. customized corrugated boxes of this type have superb strength and are exceptionally durable.
  3. Braille Corrugated Box – Though the market is a niche, there is a requirement for braille Corrugated boxes across the globe. In this case, the customized corrugated boxes of good quality are embossed with Braille characters making it easier for people with a vision disability to read the details.
  4. Tray and clamshell Corrugated Box – The FMCG industry along with confectioneries, bakeries, and fast food chains require these types of Corrugated Box because of the peculiar advantage they offer. Since the consumer can inspect the finished product from a wide variety of angles in this type of Corrugated Box, they are much in demand. Moreover, clamshell designs can even be hanged using the pegs and make for an attractive display.

MadKarter Technologies ( is one of the most popular and trusted Customized Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India.

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