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Choose Flextrack when you need a modest pest management solution for all problematic species of birds.

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The Flex Track is a nearly imperceptible repellent that is efficient while remaining harmless to all nuisances of pest bird species.

How Flex Track Works?

A 5 mm system that integrates with your architecture is used in this pest bird control technique. It’s made to condition birds with ZERO HARM electrostatic level shocks. Flex Track prevents birds from arriving and staying in inconvenient places.

Use Flex Track if you have a smooth surface that requires bird avoidance without being noticeable. It’s ideal for billboards, windows, balconies, shafts, railings, and pipes, among other things. It’s also incredibly adaptable.

Mostly on the area, you would like to protect, we install stainless steel equipment and visually matching UV flexible PVC tracks. Brick red, black, beige, and grey are among the available colors. A.C. or solar electricity can be used to power the charging unit.

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