Lipolytic Diet Launches Two New Dietary Supplements



    Lipolytic Diet under the supervision of a trained nutritionist offer the best dietary supplements to facilitate weight loss and healthy living.

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    The online shopping portal offers a multitude of fat loss products and dietary supplements, promoting a healthy blend of high-fat healthy eating and necessary dietary supplements.

    They offer products for the lipolytic diet, keto diet, fat burning and even some special dietary supplements. Serving as a one-stop-shop, they offer everything ranging from slimming drops and keto shakes to fat burning capsules and syringes. Some of the widely-used products offered by Lipolytic diet include – lipolytic oral drops and injections, ProKetoBHB, Lipotropic Site-Specific Gel, Fat mobilisers and burners, campabolic and others.

    Recently, they have added two new products to their lipolytic diet segment. These include:

    1. HMT Cleanse Support – Detox Body Cleaner Pills:

    Apple Cider Vinegar is considered to be instrumental in boosting metabolism and lowering the levels of Triglyceride in the body. It makes one feel full for a long time by suppressing their natural appetite and helps in reducing body fat. The detox body cleanser pills are made primarily with apple cider vinegar to acts as a natural detox, regulate the blood pressure and improve one’s digestion. The pills help in reliving chronic bloating, managing blood sugar levels and skin health too.

    Each pill contains a blend of – 500mg apple cider vinegar, 20mg turmeric powder, 25mg cayenne pepper, 25mg ginger powder and 50mg cinnamon powder. Consuming 1 capsule, 3 times in a day will serve as the ultimate diet control, managing your cholesterol levels and digestion.

    2. HMT Insulin Support – Insulin Resistance Pills:

    The HMT Insulin support Pills are aimed at improving insulin sensitivity and body composition and facilitating weight management as well. Every single capsule of the dietary capsule contains – Berberine HCL 500mg and Banaba Leaf extract 25mg.

    The Insulin Support Pills from HMT are a powerful product for body recomposition. It is designed to control insensitivity to insulin to help muscle building. The pills also stimulate lipolysis for fat loss. Insulin support capsules partition the nutrition, utilising the complex carbs for muscle building. The amino acids and glycogen are utilised for saturating the muscles. Consuming 1 pill two to three times in a day will help in managing body fat levels and building muscle too.

    To know more about their products or to shop these online, please visit their official website

    About Lipolytic Diet:
    The lipolytic diet aims at promoting a protocol that consists of a curated diet plan along with self-administered lipolytic treatments. The diet facilitates rapid weight loss while ensuring that the dieter can maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for a long time.

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