Lions Heating And Air Conditioning Offers Excellent Solutions For All Seasons



Lions Heating And Air Conditioning Offers Excellent Solutions For All Seasons

Press Release

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Warminster, PA – When temperatures change outside, families often encounter problems with their heating or air conditioning systems too late to ensure their indoor living spaces remain in peak condition. Fortunately, Warminster and surrounding communities can turn to the reliable and expert team at Lions Heating and Air Conditioning.


The family-owned and operated company has been a loyal provider of HVAC options for more than a decade. Offering quality solutions at affordable prices, Lions has built a reputation for superior workmanship, whether for repair, replacement, maintenance, or installation.


Their certified and qualified engineers have a depth of experience and unparalleled know-how in the community. A transparent approach matches this: they offer unit assessments, give an upfront appraisal and provide estimates without any nasty surprises.


“An HVAC system is an expensive investment that should provide maximum returns in the long run,” said company owner Tristan Gilliland. “If it is not working properly, the investment is at risk. With the Lions’ team, we give clients peace of mind with our comprehensive service to get the HVAC working perfectly all year round.”


For some, a breakdown can occur at the worst time – on the weekends, on a Friday night or when you least expect one. However, Lions is geared to answer emergency calls, respond promptly, and attend to any cooling or heating issue as quickly as possible.


The Lions team gave some helpful advice on spotting problems that could necessitate calling in one of their engineers. The worst time for an air conditioner to fail is during the sweltering summer months, which also happens to be when it’s used the most, so any underlying issues may become evident.


Some signs that your air conditioner needs repair include unusually high utility bills; the unit isn’t performing optimally, warm air is blowing from the vents; leaks coming from the AC unit; uneven internal temperatures; and an inoperable fan.


Air conditioner maintenance is also crucial when the hot or cold seasons are on the horizon. HVAC systems experience wear and tear like any other machine, so it’s best to have them inspected and restored by Lions before they have to put in a season’s worth of hard work.


Their engineers also specialize in propane, oil, electric and gas services, providing clients with a wide range of options.


While they provide same-day and free estimates, the company also offers ten years of manufacturer warranties on all their products and labour warranties.


To book an appointment or to discover their full scope of services:


Phone: (215) 344-7032