Learning Tools To Improve Reading Comprehension



The release discusses about learning tools by See-N-Read for improving reading comprehension. It further highlights the benefits of using See-N-Read tools.

Press Release

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Aurora, IL/2020: Reading comprehension is an important aspect of reading skills as it has a huge role in determining whether the reader will understand what is being read or not. See-N-Read is an online resource that offers reading and learning tools to improve reading comprehension skills in children and adults.

About See-N-Read

See-N-Read was founded by a Doctorate in Instructional Technology as an endeavor to assist her youngest daughter who had reading and learning difficulties. The initiative has since then gained tremendous momentum and is now acknowledged as a reliable source of tools to help kids and adults with reading and learning difficulties.

Tools To Improve Reading Comprehension 

  • See-N-Read Reading Tools: This category of tools consists of a “Reading Strip” that helps readers stay on a single line without getting distracted by other lines above and below the line being read. It helps to reduce line skipping and improves reading comprehension.
  • MemoryMark: MemoryMark is meant to be used together with See-N-Read. It is used to underline and highlight relevant text while reading. This makes it easier for the reader to revise tasks and it also builds interest in reading.
  • See-N-Spell: This tool is in the form of a comprehensive reference guide to help with improving spellings of common words. Over time, the tool strengthens command over the language and also improves writing skills.
  • ColorTag: The tool uses a patented Study Recall System which makes it easier for kids to access key information and significantly improves reading and writing skills. Its purpose is to enable a reader to recall the main idea of the passage being read without wasting time on irrelevant information. 

Benefits Of Using See-N-Read Tools 

  • The tools are compliant with the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) regulations.
  • Research-based assistive technology is used.
  • It is an effective reading strategy for those struggling with reading.
  • The tools can be used with any curriculum or reading material.
  • The ReadBar reading strip helps readers control their eye movements across text on a page.
  • The tools can also be used by adults who are fatigued of reading complex materials.

For more information on tools to improve reading comprehension and other products, feel free to call at (630) 236 – 5592 or visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL – 60502. You can also log on to https://www.see-n-read.com