Launching to boost B2B sales


    Summary Launch AI-based b2b sales lead generation tool to boost B2B sales.

    Press Release

    Amazon Music Disney Promo, a lead generation software company based in Stockholm, Sweden, is sliding into the spotlight, launching a freshly developed lead generation automation platform with handfull of well-thought features and integrations. helps automate the lead generation process in a fast-paced market where B2B buyer conduct and buying patterns are changing rapidly and businesses are desperate for relevant leads to pursue., allows companies to resource applicable B2B leads and automate the process to make sure constant flow of applicable leads which can supply the sales teams with high quality leads.

    25% of salespeople are convinced that prospecting is the part of the sales procedure they battle with most. However, as a sales professional, consistent prospecting attempts are arguably your most important activity. And these times, email is an essential element of an effective prospecting campaign. deploys the prospecting campaigns. It leverage sales automation to enable a representative to automatically customize and schedule a series of emails at pre-defined intervals for each prospect.

    How Works

    1. Specify what type of company wants to contact and where they are located.
    2. Review the AI generated prospects, and always in control of who is contacted.
    3. Compose email templates. Their team will gladly help to perfect them.
    4. Emails and follow-ups are automatically sent. The responses arrive in the inbox.

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