Largest Stainless Steel Supplier in South Africa



    Euro Steel is one of the largest distributors and exporters of corrosion-resistant metals like stainless steel and aluminium in South Africa. The company operates in all major cities of South Africa as well as Zambia, Mozambique and Namibia.

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    Euro steel offers the metals in various forms and shapes as per the client’s requirements.

    Products offered by Euro Steel:

    1. Stainless Steel:

    Also known as a corrosion resistant metal, stainless steel is a steel alloy with 11% chromium content. This chromium helps steel form a passive film of chromium oxide on the surface of the metal. As a result, the metal is protected from rust and corrosion. There are four types of stainless steel, these are:

    • Austenitic: The face centred cubic crystal austenite is the primary base of austenitic steel. This alloy contains nickel, manganese and nitrogen with chromium. Popular types of austenitic stainless steel offered by Euro Steel are types 204 and 316. These are non-magnetic grades.
    • Ferritic: The main phase of ferritic steel is ferrite or body cantered cubic crystal. Containing chromium and iron, it is less ductile than austenitic steel. These grades are magnetic.
    • Martensitic: Low carbon steels are also referred to as martensitic steel. They can be hardened and tempered.
    • Duplex: Duplex stainless steel is 50% austenite and 50% ferrite. These grades are resistant to stress corrosion cracking due to their duplex structure. Euro Steel offers several duplex stainless steel grades such as 2205.

    As a proud member of SASSDA (South African Stainless Steel Development Association). Euro Steel offers high quality stainless steel that can be used in various applications. At Euro Steel, stainless steel is available in several different forms, such as:

    • Sheets
    • Plates
    • Coils
    • Tread Plates
    • Decorative Finishes
    • Ornamental Tubing
    • Pipes
    • BSP Fittings
    • Buttweld Fittings
    • Flanges
    • Valves
    • Sections

    2. Aluminium:

    Aluminium is preferred in many sectors for different applications for its metallic benefits such as strength, lightweight, recyclability, conductivity, formability and weldability. Moreover, it is also a corrosion resistant metal. Euro Steel offers aluminium at competitive rates. Different forms of aluminium offered by this company are:

    • Sheet
    • Plate
    • Coil
    • Tooling Plate
    • Tread Plate
    • Decorative Finishes
    • Extruded Tubing
    • Extruded Sections
    • Specialised Extrusions

    3. Special Alloys:

    Apart from stainless steel and aluminium, Euro Steel offers special alloy grades, including:

    • Special Stainless Steel
    • Nickel Alloys
    • Pure Nickel
    • Nickel Copper
    • Admiralty Brass
    • Aluminium Brass
    • Titanium Grades
    • Special Carbon Steels
    • Precipitation Hardening Steels
    • Heat Exchanger Tubes and Components

    To learn more about the products and services offered by Euro Steel, visit their official website:

    About Euro Steel:
    Euro Steel is the leading stainless steel and aluminium supplier in South Africa. The company supports several industries that require steel and aluminium such as sugar, paper pulp, rail, light and heavy engineering, gas, oil, power, mining and petrochemicals.

    10 Commercial Road, Wadeville
    Germiston, 1422, South Africa
    Tel: + 27 (0) 86 123 3876