Kids Piano: Animal Sounds & Musical Instruments Announced they have reached the milestone of 100,000+ Installs!



Kids Piano: Animal Sounds & Musical instruments, developed by susamp apps, is a musical game for kids and toddlers, has achieved 100,000+ downloads on 17 June 2021.

Press Release

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Surat, Gujarat, India, June 17, 2021: Kids Piano: Animal Sounds & Musical Instruments today announced that they have achieved a Milestone of 100,000+ on Installations on the Google Play Store.


Kids Piano is a colorful musical game for kids and toddlers. Kids can play different musical instruments such as 🎹 Kids Keyboard piano, 🎵 Baby Xylophone, 🎶 Kids Drum kit, 🎷 Kids Saxophone, 🎵 Harp, 🎸 Kids Guitar, 🎵 Flute, 🎶 Panpipe flutes. 


Also, kids can learn and memorize different sounds such as 🐯 Wild animal sounds, 🐄 Domestic animal sounds, 🐟 Sea animal sounds, 🐦 Bird sounds, 🎈 Color sounds, 🅰 Number pronunciation, 🚗 Vehicle sounds, 🔡 Alphabet pronunciation, 🌍 Nation flag & country names, 🎭 Shape names, 🎼 Different sounds, at this very platform!


Learning musical instruments and different sound can enhance a child’s brainpower & intellectuals, develop social ability & memory, strengthen self-confidence & concentration, foster creativity & imagination,  teaches them patience & discipline, and improve speech & pronunciation. 


On top of that,  the app has a Captivating UI/UX interface for children, the best quality sound & music, and easy navigation. Because of this, this app has become popular among children & their parents day by day.


The CEO of the Susamp apps said that “This is a big day for him and the company. His dream, making children creative and intelligent by music has become true”. Also, Their team is working on this app to make it creative and easy to use. So, it can enhance its ability to develop child’s brainpower”.


Download Kids piano: Animal sounds & musical instruments App for your children to learn ample of things at one place with fun and music


Check the app here!