Kashmir Tourism Includes a list of Places that are a must-visit for Tourists



Kashmir Tourism has a list of places that tourists should never miss. The list includes Gulmarg, Hemis, Kargil, and the beautiful mountains of Kashmir. They have also listed some of the best places to visit in India.

Press Release

Kashmir is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in India, with the beauty of mountains crowning over, the lush green environment, the cultural variation, and many more. Well, for a heavenly feel in paradise, Kashmir Tourism has made it even more convenient for their customers to select their travel package while referring to a list that they have recently included in their site with special mention of a few places that as a tourist one should never miss. 

It’s a fact that every corner of Kashmir is mesmerizing and captivating, which makes it very difficult for tourists to understand where to go and what to see. So Kashmir Tourism has a pocket-friendly tour package and gives its customers the privilege of customizing their own trip. 

Here’s the list of places that Kashmir Tourism has handpicked to call it one of the best sites for tourists:

  • Gulmarg:

 The serenity of the place would have been incomplete without this Meadow of flowers that one can see in Gulmarg. Having a massive variety of flower species is one of those handpicked places that Kashmir Tourism asks you not to miss.

  • Hemis:

According to Kashmir Tourism experts, places like these that have stayed away from the touch of modernity have succeeded in keeping the Kashmiri culture intact. Even though it’s a small village, this is the real Kashmir that one should visit.

  • Kargil: 

If the beauty of the place and the feeling of safety persists in Kashmir, it is because of the bravery and sacrifices that the Indian Army has made over the years. When in Kashmir Kargil is that one place Kashmir Tourism makes sure that you visit and pay homage to the ones who fought bravely. 

About Kashmir Tourism:

Keeping the bliss of the snow-covered mountains, the beauty of the sky that’s reflected in the lakes, and the shikhara rides together makes Kashmir seem like heaven on earth. Kashmir tourism makes the tour possible by arranging for pocket-friendly packages with all the comforts and convenience that are important for a human in a new place.