Kadi Transforms Al Shindagha Museum into a Chic Peach Haven for Wearfold Event



Kadi, a distinguished Emirati brand, transformed Al Shindagha Museum into a peach-themed oasis for the Wearfold event. Featuring a pop-up abaya shop, ice cream and coffee areas, and palm weaves inspired by sunset, the event showcased Kadi's blend of tradition and modern style, emphasizing their commitment to local culture.

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Dubai, UAE., May 14, 2024 – Kadi, the Emirati brand renowned for its unique home décor and sophisticated event stylings, once again captivated Dubai’s fashion and lifestyle scene with its latest event. The Wearfold event at the historic Al Shindagha Museum was a spectacular display, featuring a meticulously curated peach-themed setting that perfectly melded traditional charm with contemporary chic.

Hosted by Kadi (@kadiboutique on Instagram), the event showcased an innovative layout, including a pop-up abaya shop that invited guests to explore the latest in fashion amidst an ambiance of understated elegance. The setup was complemented by a dedicated ice cream and coffee area, each styled to perfection, enhancing the overall guest experience with a touch of luxury and leisure.

“The aesthetic was spot on, and the event was visually stunning. We aimed to create a space that not only showcased our design capabilities but also provided a memorable experience for all attendees,” said the co-founder of Kadi. The peach color theme, chosen for its soft, welcoming hue, was subtly yet impactfully incorporated throughout the venue.

Further enhancing the ambiance was an installation where the ceiling was adorned with magnificent palm weaves, inspired by the gradient hues of a peachy sunset. Below this canopy, the intricate play of light and shadow from the palm weaves created a mesmerizing effect, evoking the tranquility of a sunset.

“The design allows you to almost feel the sun’s gentle rays and appreciate the organic curves inspired by the sun’s roundness, intertwined in the palm weaves above,” described an attendee, captivated by the immersive experience.

This event not only underscored Kadi’s expertise in creating visually stunning environments but also reinforced the brand’s dedication to promoting local culture and craftsmanship. As Kadi continues to redefine the boundaries of event design and décor, it remains a beacon of innovation in the UAE’s lifestyle industry.

For more details about Kadi’s services and to view their portfolio, visit kadi.ae or follow them on Instagram at @kadiboutique.

About Kadi
Kadi is a leading Emirati brand that specializes in unique home décor and sophisticated event design, known for its innovative approach to creating memorable experiences that blend traditional elements with modern aesthetics.