JustGoWeb creates the first web impression for the CMYK bookstore by doing its web development.



JustGoWeb created the first web impression for the CMYK bookstore.

Press Release

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As website developers, JustGoWeb has been designing the outlook for many companies for a very long time now.  As a web developing company, it has always helped its clients by giving marketing solutions that are oriented towards the online marketing goals that they approached the company with. They have always had a clear understanding of how important first impressions are for the audience who look at the website and how clarity and design can help to a considerable extent in holding the traffic. Every time they have created a website, the buyer’s journey and preferences have been the topmost priority for Just go web.


The designs that Just GoWeb makes for a web outlook are different for every company, with good clarity of the purpose with which they have come onsite. For example, CMYK is an online book store that got its website designed by Just GoWeb, and the final look came out beautifully.


The works that Just Go Web has done for this site include:


  • The home page comprises all the books they have in their store with genre-wise segregation, making it even easier for readers to scroll down to their favourite type of books.


  • Next is the page that tells the audience about CMYK. This consists of a note from the owners, the purpose with which they came on board, and their aims.


  • The third is the design. It’s a very colourful website that JustGoWeb has designed for CMYK because they know that the book’s cover and placements are critical to holding the visitors’ attention as a book store which a monochromatic design will fail to do so.


  • The contact details are also very crisp and clear for the audience to be able to reach out for any queries and orders directly. JustGoWeb designed the website in a way that ensures a smooth buyer journey; everything you need is available right in front of your eye.


About Just GoWeb:


Content creation for a website is the most challenging task. just GoWeb has been mastering it for a really long time. However, with all their expertise in this field of web development, they can not just design a website for a company that’s preparing to come online. Still, they also can guide the company with ideas of how to do so with minimum cost inputs and maximum results.