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Rosemary is passionate about cooking and has successfully handled challenging jobs where she prepared food for large groups of people in tight timelines.

Press Release

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Castle Rock, January 23rd 2023:  Personal chefs come to the rescue of the people who are keen to have healthy meals prepared at home but are not actually interested in cooking. And the ones who need a dedicated in-home chef in Colorado have the option of hiring Rosemary who heads Just in Thyme – an enterprise that has built a reputation for serving daily and special meals to its clients in the comfort of their own homes.

Rosemary is passionate about cooking and has successfully handled challenging jobs where she prepared food for large groups in tight timelines. She is a multitasker who will chop the vegetables for salad while ensuring that the soup is also getting cooked with the right consistency and another dish in getting ready in the oven or on the cooking top. She also accepts special food orders required by nursing mothers, athletes, sick people and for strictly vegetarians or vegans.

The homes who have an occasion to celebrate – like baby shower, birthday party, anniversary, or simply a family reunion can book a service from Just in Thyme no matter how big or small the gathering is. Rosemary will take care of everything including shopping for ingredients that may not be available in client’s kitchen.

Just In Thyme Personal Chef Services’ chief Rosemary also accepts orders for regular meals that working people may like to have 3 to 4 times a week. The meals are prepared as per client’s approved menu, and can be stored in refrigerator to be reheated and eaten whenever they wish.

The people who have interacted with Rosemary and used her services have good reviews to give. One of them states, “When I was about to have my baby, I did not have any inclination to cook but also needed someone to prepare healthy, nutrition-rich meals. Someone suggested Rosemary and hiring her was a really wise decision. She prepared delectable food for me daily and even cleaned the kitchen spotlessly. Although my child is now 3 months old, and I can handle my cooking duties on my own, I continue to use her services for certain meals and recommend her to others too.”


About Just In Thyme Personal Chef Services

Led by Rosemary, an experienced personal chef who is passionate about cooking delicacies, Just in Thyme Chef Services is a small business providing in-home cooking services. Rosemary cooks & serves a range of meals for special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, graduation parties and other events that people love to celebrate with their family and friends.

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Phone: (720) 441-5173

Business hours: Monday to Saturday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Website – https://justinthymechefservices.com/