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Shanghai Jun Ying Instruments is an industrial instrumentation manufacturer and OEM products supplier, who located in Shanghai, China.

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In our day-to-day lives, each of us uses a temperature sensor of some kind, be it a pressure gauge, a domestic water heater, a microwave oven, or a fridge. In general, temperature sensors have a wide variety of uses, one of which is in geotechnical monitoring. 


The Remote Reading thermometer is a straightforward piece of equipment that can be translated into an understandable unit once the degree of warmth or coldness has been determined. But have you ever thought about how the heat of the ground, Adjustable Snubber, enormous concrete dams, or structures is determined? Now, to achieve this goal, we use a variety of specialized temperature sensors. 


The purpose of a Pressure Gauge is to perform routine inspections of concrete structures, bridges, railroad tracks, soil, and other similar environments.

A device that offers temperature readings in a form that can be read, usually in an electrical signal, is referred to as a Forged brass case gauge. This device could be a thermocouple or a thermistor detector. 


Who makes these temperature sensors, and what do they do? 


Thermometers are the most fundamental type of temperature meter, and their primary function is to determine the relative levels of heat and cold in a given environment. 

In geotechnical engineering, Panel mounted pressure gauges are used to monitor masonry, structures, soil, water, and bridges, among other things, for structural reforms that seasonal shifts may bring on. 


A thermocouple (T/C) is a device that measures temperature by producing an electrical voltage that is directly proportional to the difference in temperature between two different metals. An RTD, also known as a Resistance Temperature Detector, is a variable resistor that alters its resistance value directly proportionate to the change in temperature in an accurate, repeatable, and almost linear way.


About company: 


Jay Instruments is a manufacturer & provider of OEM products for the industrial instrumentation industry. Panel mounted pressure gauges, thermometers, and associated items are the company’s primary products. Their primary goal is to make it easy for people to obtain high-quality instrumentation reasonably. Pressure gauges and thermometers have been a part of their lives for more than 20 years.