Itanagar Municipal Corporation team inspects site for Solid Waste Management Plant



As the waste menace transforms into a huge problem in Itanagar

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As the waste menace transforms into a huge problem in Itanagar. As the waste threat transforms right into a massive problem in Itanagar Municipal jurisdiction because of the absence of a right Solid Waste Management Plant, on Thursday a group of IMC led via way of means of Mayor Tame Phassang inspected the site for construction.

Pasighat Municipal Council (PMC) with Chief Minister Pema Khandu and UD Minister Kamlung Mossang recently, the country authorities has the confidence to increase all viable assist for diverse improvement activities.  During the meeting, stable waste control turned into one of the most important issues, so nowadays a group of IMC, along with technical experts, inspected the site for the Solid Waste Management Plant, and knowledgeable Phassang.

While responding to the query, Mayor stated, “Our most important problem is to manipulate stable waste, as there are more than one PILs and NGT directives towards the IMC, so we’ve determined to put in SMWP as quickly as viable, and IMC confident us that the plant can be finished inside their tenure.”

Further, he appealed to the general public now no longer throw rubbish on roads and constantly segregate the waste. “IMC is doing its satisfactory towards the rubbish threat, however, the public additionally wishes to take the responsibility,” delivered Phassang.  Apart from Itanagar, some other Solid Waste Management Plant is already inside the method at Karissa.

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