IQ structures enables its customers to compose holograms on their own



Security holograms designing self-servise launched

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What visual features do you want for your security hologram? What optical effects should be used? In what picture or object? An animal, dancer, flower or a national symbol? From now, government experts, card issuers and product security experts can decide on their own. IQ Structures, a Czech research and production organisation launched a website that enables confecting a hologram on

With this new Effects Gallery, issuers experts can do much more than just setting a place for hologram on the document. They can design entire documents altogether, including holographic effects.

“Of course, our consulting is still ready to help and finalise the project. We will analyse the situation, identify potential vulnerabilities a recommend the optimal way of protection. We always take into account costs, production technology of the card, customisation process etc.,“ says Petr Franc, CEO of IQ Structures.

“But from now, we empower document and valuables issuers and we enable smooth cooperation across organisations and specialisations. Together, we are on the way to sophisticated exploitation of advanced technologies and safer documents.“

A customer selects from a gallery of visual effects for holograms. Description of each effect includes several examples of use. All effects are displayed as they appear to a naked eye. The list also includes unique effects developed by IQ structures, based on a combination of laser, e-beam and nanoprinting.  Thanks to these unique effects, IQ Structures has won a range of global competitions in recent years, including several victories of Excellence in Holography (International Holograms Manufacturers Association) and Government Security Award (American Security Today).

As soon as the customer selects effects and drafts an image, experts from IQ Structures mastering centre finalise the design and produce a hologram. IQ Structures´ experts and card issuer/documents/valuables designers can work closely together during the entire process.

Robert Dvorak, Business Development Director in IQ Structures, added: “It is another milestone on our way from different sophisticated technologies to integral units focused on protection of information, and protection of identity. Our holograms of any size can be placed anywhere on the document a protect information from both sides of the card. The way from leading-edge technologies to documents highly resistant against counterfeiting is not easy, but we love every step of this way and keep walking and innovating.”