Introducing Zi Dobre’s Organic Skin Care Products



Zi Dobre is pleased to introduce grapeseed organic skincare products, a new type of facial care.

Press Release

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Zi Dobre Inc is pleased to introduce Grapeseed Organic Skin Care, a new type of facial care formulated with more than 80% certified organic components Formulated for all skin types. These products produce to work together to provide skin-plumping antioxidants to the face, reviving fine lines and wrinkles.

“We’ve been working on the skincare routine essentials for a long time, and serious about providing a skincare routine essentials to the marketplace that was more than 80% organic,” stated Paul Huizenga, founder of Zi Dobre Inc, “The usefulness of these innovative products is because of the outstanding line-up of natural and organic ingredients.”

They include four organic skincare products:

Clear Grape Seed Powder
Clear grape seed powder is the backbone of skincare and wellness. Most products focus on the surface. It’s much better to nourish cells from the inside as well. Better blood equals healthier cells. Clear grape seed powder is laboratory tested and meets all standards set by the European Union and the FDA.

Glow Facial Oil
Glow grape seed facial oil is absorbed by the pores, providing a potent supply of antioxidants and vitamins.

Radiate Face and Body Scrub
Radiate face and body scrub using all-natural grapes seed powder to gently exfoliate and purify your skin. The combination of grape seed oil and honey provides a deep penetrating combination designed to heal and moisturize.

Renew Face Mask
The fine particles of grape seeds create a velvet smooth blend designed to supply your skin cells with antioxidants and vitamins needed to nourish.

The new products are available for professional and personal use and are fully paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free. To view the complete collection of skincare routine essentials, please visit: