Introducing Next-Generation Application Support and Maintenance Solutions



We are an Information Technology company with 25 years of experience. Having a strength of over 650 technical staff, we offer various IT services to clients spread all over the world.

Press Release

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Date/20th May 2024

Place/Maharashtra, India

Aress, one of the leading IT servicing organizations, is happy to present a new platform that is designed for application support and maintenance services. The platform is going to change the way clients experience in the digital world

By having promptly maintained customers’ experiences as one of its top priorities, Aress has set for itself a goal of providing unmatched access to the latest technologies and trends. Aress’s major competitive advantage is an ability to involve strategic partners and demonstrate constant improvements. This is the way we take the leading positions in the industry and provide our clients with comprehensive and the latest solutions according to their specific characteristics.

The Aress company grasps the vital functions of application support and maintenance services, which are the backbone of all business operations currently existing in a rapidly changing market, says Rahul Malhotra, Director of Aress. Our newest solutions are meant to improve client involvement and establish them as leaders in the very unpredictable and constantly changing digital field.

Key Features of Aress’ Next-Generation Application Support and Maintenance Solutions.

  1. Strategic Partnerships: Aress partners with recognized players to provide clients with timely and efficient solutions for their needs. This strategic approach of Aress provides the opportunity to have a wide range of offerings thereby giving an edge to the competition.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technologies: Adapting to new technologies and trends, Aress provides clients with up-to-date elite solutions that enable clients to achieve high performance and enhanced efficiency.
  3. Round-the-Clock Support: Aress offers technical support 24 hours a day 7 days a week and thus promises an expedited solution to technical difficulties and the unabated flow of client’s operations.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Aress not only offers cost-saving solutions, but they are a value for money and high quality tool which further translates to clients’ getting the best support without straining their financial resources.
  5. Global Presence: Aress has four offices located in India, USA, UK, and Canada. These four offices make sure that the clients get help from the local offices in case of a problem or any questions to be asked.


About Aress:

Aress is a global company which is known worldwide for its innovative IT solutions and unflinching devotion to the customer’s needs. Aress, with 24+ years of practice, provides a complete range of services all about digital transformation, data analytics, RPA, AI technology, and nonstop tech support 24/7. The company is striving to reach new heights by forging strategic partnerships and being “customer-oriented” with the aim of not only upgrading the standards of excellence in the IT services sphere but also redefining them.