Innovative and Interactive Los Angeles Pop Up Museum Celebrates Love and Connection



    The Los Angeles Museum of Love is an interactive experience for couples or friends looking to explore their bonds of connection during the season of love.

    Press Release

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    Los Angeles, California., December 19, 2019 — The Los Angeles Museum of Love, an innovative pop-up museum dedicated to celebrating the adventure of connection, will open to the public in Los Angeles on January 14, 2020 for a limited engagement throughout the Valentine’s season.

    Step into an interactive bonding experience at the Los Angeles Museum of Love by traveling through the various stages of a relationship. The museum is filled with interesting information and exhibits about relationships and love. Also featured are a number of couple’s activities that will provoke new insights into the dynamic, unexplored aspects of one another. The interactive experience offered by the museum is designed to enhance any romantic or friendship relationship.

    Entrance to the Los Angeles Museum of Love, located in the East Hollywood/Melrose area of LA, is via reservation only. Entrance times will be staggered to allow couples ample personal space while exploring the museum together. During their time in the museum, couples will enjoy activities and exhibits that actively engage them in exploring their relationship. Additionally, each partnership will be given a memory book at the beginning of their adventure as a memento to commemorate and record their special experience.

    The museum was designed and produced by Amy Sweetman, a professor of psychology, as a gift to the couples of Los Angeles during the season of love. Entrance fees are $32 per couple and cover the cost of staffing and maintaining the museum.

    “The Los Angeles Museum of Love has truly been a labor of love for me,” said Amy Sweetman, founder and designer of the museum. “I wanted to give couples in LA a fun, interactive space that allows them to strengthen their connection while exploring the various stages of a relationship. My hope is that through the museum’s thoughtfully designed exhibits and experiences, couples visiting it will leave with a newfound appreciation of each other and their relationship.”

    To learn more about the Los Angeles Museum of Love or to reserve a time to visit the museum, visit

    Amy Sweetman
    Los Angeles Museum of Love
    4320 Melrose Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90029
    [email protected]