Infographic From Dot Com Infoway: How ASO Changes The Whole Game



Dot Com Infoway’s latest infographic throws insights on how ASO changes the whole game in App Marketing

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The leading IT and digital marketing company Dot Com Infoway has just released a data-packed infographic on the importance of ASO – App Store Optimization, titled “Infographic On ASO in Numbersyou need to optimize your listing so that users can find your app, download it and install it. This is called ASO– using the right title, using the right description and using the right categories to make it easier for users to find your app.

When done right, App Store Optimization enables your target users to find your app listing on primary app hosting platforms such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

As is shown in the infographic, 40% of the apps are discovered through app store searches. Right now, there are 2.56 million apps listed on Google Play Store and 1.8 million on the iOS App Store. Hence, you can easily understand what a big difference this 40% can make.

If you want to know the monumental financial potential of the mobile app market and what an important role App Store optimization plays, you certainly want to check out the infographic on this link:

“At Dot Com Infoway we strongly believe that there is a tough competition when it comes to app store optimization,” says CEO, Venkatesh C.R. “When we formulate user acquisition strategies for our clients, ASO is a major part of that strategy. There is a big number of users who directly tap on the Google Play on Android or the App Store app on their iPhones and iPads and then either use categories to find the app, or the search bar. If your app doesn’t appear among the top listings in the search, you can forget about acquiring users for your mobile app unless you spend through your nose on advertising and marketing. We have been helping startups as well as established companies acquire millions of users through our app marketing, ASO and user acquisition services since 2009.”

As is the case with every quality infographic from Dot Com Infoway, the infographic on ASO does not just brim with hard facts, but these facts are organized in dedicated sections so that you can easily skip between different sections to find the information relevant to your interest.

The infographic begins with the numbers to give you an idea of the scale.

Once you know the numbers, once you understand the sort of competition an average mobile app faces, once you understand the gravity of the situation, you are led to the concept of App Store Optimization and how it is approached.

Everything you have ever wanted to know about App Store Optimization, you will find in this infographic