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The release discusses how to increase fluency intervention by using See-N-Read Reading Tools. It further highlights the benefits of using the reading tool.

Press Release

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Aurora, IL/2022: Reading intervention methods can assist both children and adults who have a reading issue. This is usually due to a lack of concentration on lines and distraction. As a result, both children and adults may use the See-N-Read technology to learn themselves to read fluently. See-N-Read Reading Tools, situated in Aurora, Illinois, provides reading intervention tools to improve fluency. With the use of intervention tools, readers may enhance their comprehension, eye tracking, and fluency all at the same time.

About See-N-Read Tool

It is a tool that controls visibility without straining the eyes and provides line-to-line transition. As a result, the tool may be slid over the page to be read, allowing readers to easily direct eye movement.

Method To Use Tool 

  • Position the reading strip on the page.
  • Read the visible text
  • Slide the tool gently downwards on the page.
  • Check that the following line is visible.
  • Read the line and double-check the already read area on the tool’s darkened zone.=

How the See-N-Read Tool Can Assist

The reading intervention tool supports those who are having difficulty reading. It boosts a person’s capacity to focus on a certain line. This improves reading skills by minimising distractions and emphasising the content to be read. In this manner, the reader may simply grasp the information and comprehend it.

Most of the time, line skipping has an impact on reading since readers are unable to go on to the next line during continuing reading. Controlled eye movement is used to rectify this by directing the eye on a certain line.

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