In 2022, there were 870 reports of road rage in the city of Los Angeles.



Has tolerance and respect for human life been lost?

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At least, that’s the number that was reported to the authorities, which could indicate that the number of road rage cases is actually higher. Many cases go unreported simply to avoid negative records.

In short, it is a record number compared to previous years’ records of road rage cases:
– 2022: 870 cases
– 2021: 707 cases
– 2022: 515 cases
– 2019: 666 cases
– 2018: 660 cases
– 2017: 578 cases
– 2016: 536 cases
From 2010 to 2015, less than 400 cases were registered each year.

The worrying thing is that cases of road rage are increasingly aggressive. It is no longer just shouting into the air between drivers, or rude hand gestures. That is just the beginning of what ends in severe collisions with serious injuries among the drivers involved.

Worse still, cases of road rage involving a firearm are also on the rise. Apparently, tolerance and respect for human life on the part of many aggressive drivers has been lost. In the last 3 years the figures are alarming: 2020, 116 cases; 2021, 218 cases; 2022, 264 cases.

Yes it’s correct! The streets of Los Angeles have always been stressful. Not only for drivers of cars, trucks and motorcycles, but also for pedestrians, cyclists, and the new trend, scooters. However, this does not give the right to violently run over another driver or pedestrian for the sole purpose of causing injury or property damage.

This is not the entire list of all the neighborhoods, but the most representative ones as far as cases of road rage are concerned:

-Downtown 112
-Koreatown 32
– Canoga Park 24
-Reseda 22
– Venice 22
-Westlake 22
-Van Nuys 20
-Wilmington 19
-Panorama City 18
-Chatsworth 17
-Woodland Hills 15
-Northridge 15
-Lake Balboa 14
-North Hills 14
-Sherman Oaks 10
– Granada Hills 8
– Encino 7
-Studio City 6
– Tarzan 6
-Sun Valley 5
-Mission Hills 4
-Winnetka 3
-Porter Ranch 2

If you have been the victim of a personal injury and property damage accident caused by an aggressive driver, do not hesitate to contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to fully investigate your case and determine your possible compensation for damages.