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Rickett Architects & Planning Consultants Solihull offers a wide range of architectural and consultant services.

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Rickett Architects & Planning Consultants Solihull ( proudly offers architects Solihull based services for everyone looking to renovate their homes. With their years of experience, all of their services are guaranteed to be carried out with high standards and quality.

This architectural firm offers a wide range of services for construction projects, from planning to the technical solutions. They can help secure building regulations for the convenience of everyone looking to start their project as soon as possible. What’s more, they will also make sure that their clients will get a return on investment as they will take a commercial approach to projects, ensuring to maximise the amount of income to be earned through space and increase its value respectively.

Those who acquire their services can expect to have designs that are simple yet elegant and refined. This begins with a brief site analysis on their clients’ properties to check the appropriate design that will match the space. To bring everyone’s visions to life, their team of professional architects make use of the latest technology and traditional hand sketching. Most importantly, they make sure to navigate through the constraints and opportunities to give everyone the best solutions that match their preferences and goals. All of the projects they handle go through well-curated eight stages, making sure that every detail and corners are tended to with the right approach and in a timely manner.

Rickett Architects & Planning Consultants Solihull has been on the industry for fifty years, honing their services to give their clients high-quality homes. Through the years, they have built quite a long list of connections and contacts in the construction industry. This has made a smoother experience for their clients to make their dream project get completed easily.

Moreover, this firm also has professional consultants, including Structural, Mechanical engineers and more. To learn more about their architectural and consultant services, just head over to their official website at

About Rickett Architects & Planning Consultants Solihull

Rickett Architects & Planning Consultants Solihull offers a wide range of architectural and consultant services. Their team of planning consultants and architects can handle construction projects, from top to bottom. They can secure building regulation applicants approval, reach out to construction agreements and bidding, and a lot more. With their decades of experience in the industry, everyone can guarantee to make the most out of their budget for their construction project with them. If you are interested in acquiring their services, feel free to visit and fill out their contact form. You can also reach out to one of their staff thru 01926 291 010 or send them an email at [email protected]