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Automated Metrics is a growing e-commerce business in the UK.

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Automated Metrics ( is an e-commerce business in the UK that offers a KPI reporting for car dealers, which significantly helps them increase their profit.

By collecting key data, car dealers can improve cash flows and net margins with their KPI reporting tool. As the world becomes a data-driven economy, this tool can help businesses evolve and adapt to technological advancement. By having the key performance indicator measured, sales opportunity are highlighted for car dealers and businesses to turn it into opportunities and profits. Aside from profits, there are numerous benefits of automating KPI.

The first benefit of having an automated KPI measurement in car businesses is that it helps with evaluating current business practices. By having data collected, business operations’ weaknesses are easily seen in the reports, and businesses must create solutions to solve them. For car dealers, every minute counts. Furthermore, Automated Metrics priorities that old business practices must be eliminated instantly and replaced by a newer and faster approach. Not only will it give more sales and opportunity, but it will also save time doing it manually.

Automated metrics provides growth hacking to businesses. Based on the collected data, businesses can now create various experimental strategies to adapt and evolve with the knowledge they gathered through the reported KPI results. Moreover, the KPI tools validate future experimentation results through the live data feed it displays.  Aside from experimenting, Automated metrics has several reliable data on successful strategies from their previous clients to share and to be emulated by businesses.

Automated Metrics offers a free 30-day trial for car dealers who want to gain more sales and sales opportunities. Get a free 30 minutes of consultation time. For more details about their services, visit them at

About Automated Metrics

Automated Metrics is a growing e-commerce business in the UK. The founders have a total of 30 years of collective knowledge and experience in the automotive industry. They offer an automated key performance indicator measurement that analyses car dealers’ weaknesses to improve to gain more profits and sales opportunities. For more information, visit or call them on 02890 538252 or 0800 822 3033. For direct messaging, email them at [email protected]