Immortal Works publishes Where Nightmares Ride by R.A. Baxter



    Immortal Works is proud to announce the publication of Where Nightmares Ride by R.A. Baxter.

    Press Release

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    Salt Lake City, UT, October 09, 2019 /PressReleasePing/ – Immortal Works is proud to announce the publication of Where Nightmares Ride by R.A. Baxter. Where Nightmares Ride is a fast paced sci-fi thrill ride.

    About Where Nightmares Ride:

    When Jack Park received an invitation to Camp Farley, a summer camp promising self-improvement using cutting-edge dream technology, he hoped he’d found a remedy for the repetitive nightmares that had been plaguing his dreams night after night. The camp, however, provided something far different than he’d expected: mysterious visitors, excessive security measures, abusive staff, unexplained technology, and camp courses
    seemingly bent on leading the campers on a path toward chaos. Katie Frost had endured too much after losing her adored older sister, Abby, to a freak accident. Not long after that, her mother had taken her baby sister and disappeared, leaving her alone with a neglectful father obsessed with, if not controlled by, Montathena Research, his secretive dream-tech business. When her father’s partners demanded that Katie be compelled to serve the company, following a security breach, she stopped caring altogether. The questions increased when Jack and Katie finally crossed paths, the course of events eventually propelling them into a surreal adventure where the boundaries of life, death, and nightmares meet.

    About the author:

    R.A. Baxter (aka Richard) is a Renaissance man with respect to the arts. He married someone he met while singing in a choir in college. He has a Fine Arts degree for painting and drawing, a Science of Architecture degree and a Master of Architecture Degree. But his favorite pastime has always been writing. R.A. Baxter spends much of his time as an architectural specifier, manipulating words to instruct builders as to the best way to construct a coherent building. He and his longsuffering family live in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains in Bountiful Utah.

    Press Contact:
    Talei Lawson
    Immortal Works
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84104