Imarku Unveils New Range of Ultimate Knife and Cookware Made of Unique High-Tech Steel



imarku announces new year deals and new range of japanese knife sets, steak knives and stainless steel cookware made with unique high-tech carbon steel combined with Japanese special stainless steel and German super core steel.

Press Release

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Pomona, California, USA., January 14, 2023 – IMARKU,  a premium world-class kitchen brand manufacturing all kinds of knives and cookware sets, announces deals and new range of products for the new year. IMARKU has announced deals on a range of products including Japanese knife sets, steak knives and stainless steel cookware.

New products released for this new year ranges from top classic stainless steel cookware sets to eleven different high-end knife sets. Their new year deal is packed with free gifts and discounts upto 80% on range of products. IMARKU knife and cookware sets along with their new year releases and deals are available on IMARKU website and

They make cutlery and cookware in  various surfaces, styles, and sizes in their own factory. IMARKU knives and cookware are made with unique high-tech carbon steel combined with Japanese special stainless steel and German super core steel. Their products are extremely hard, wear and corrosion-resistant, like a superalloy.

A set of steak knives is an important tool in any kitchen. Steak knife set with 6 pieces of 4.5” serrated knives from iMarku can be used to slice steak smoothly like a softened butter. They can be used to cut tomatoes also, not just meat.This extremely versatile 6-piece set come with choices including serrated or smooth blades, all-stainless, or even knives made from exotic wood materials.

Premium Japanese kitchen knife sets  are precision manufactured with high carbon stainless steel from Japan, with a chromium content as high as 15%-17% to avoid rust and corrosion for very long time. Handle is made of high-density pakkawood which has beautiful grain, high hardness and long life.

IMARKU cookware collection includes stainless steel nonstick cookware set, dutch oven, and frying pans. Nonstick stainless steel cookware pots and pans with a 2.5 mm thick aluminum base and hammered surface core is suited for even heat distribution and maximum durability. Professional-grade tempered glass lids and heat surround technology preserves natural juices and nutrients while allowing the cook to observe it visually. Stainless steel and non-stick cookware collection is easy to clean and maintain.

iMarku manufactures and sells chef’s knives and quality tools that are essential for great cooking. The company combines unique design, premium materials, and fair pricing to bring customers knives and cookware that have won over professional and amateur cooks alike. We always place a special emphasis on high quality, craftmanship and design aesthetics. Imarku knives have manufacturing units based out of Japan. We also have a manufacturing unit in Yangjiang, People’s Republic of China, and our major distribution and shipping operation in China. So, from the US to countries in Europe to Asia, we have operations spanning around five continents.