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We provide a one-stop solution for all of your learning needs, starting with comprehending the concepts.

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Gujarat, Surat 14 April 2022,

Ignito – The Free Learning App is excited to announce the launch of a new app named. “IGNITO – The Learning App” is a learning app. The App that will assist you in improving your mathematical abilities in a very simple manner.

Maths has a reputation for being a difficult subject to learn, but we believe that anybody can improve their skills with more practice and expert teaching.

You can study and comprehend the foundations of grade 10th maths in a very easy and simple way by using this learning app. We at IGNITO believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be educated, thus we’ve created a free video tutorial that covers the complete standard 10th syllabus.

Furthermore, this one app contains a curriculum from several boards, including CBSE, Gujarat State Board, Madhya Pradesh State Board, Rajasthan State Board, and Uttar Pradesh State Board.

We at Ignito offer a one-stop solution for all of your learning needs, beginning with conceptual understanding. Our app is the go-to resource for kids in 10th grade who are struggling with math throughout the country.

Why Should You Download IGNITO, A Free Learning App? The reason for this is that we give a user-friendly UX/UI that is simple and clear to use, as well as an in-depth video explanation and various activities such as brainstorming with an in-app maths quiz game.

During the launch of the app, the CEO of IGNITO – The Free Learning App was quoted as saying. “I am delighted to present our new app, IGNITO – The Learning App. The app was designed with a total emphasis on the student’s interests, and it is incredibly easy to use. It would not have been possible without the team that worked on it for so many days.” I think that the app will assist many youngsters in learning a topic like algebra in a simple manner.

The app is compatible with devices running OS version 5.1 and higher, the applications will make your doubts clear in a very simple way. Learn standard 10th Math from across the different education boards in one place with IGNITO – The Learning App

Download the app and start learning today