How to successfully sell your company and feel good about it?



We provide expert advice and support throughout the process, from finding the right buyer to completing the sale.

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When you start a business, your main concern is how to keep the doors open. As time progresses and profits grow with long-term success in mind, for millions of people, owning their own thriving companies has become something that’s considered top among professionals everywhere!

Link Enterprise has the perfect solution for every business that is struggling and searching for a Company For Sale. The Link Enterprise team has experience in assessing all types of businesses to provide guidelines to get sold quickly.

Unfortunately, many business owners do not have a plan for what they will do after selling their company. The only way to exit enterprise from an ownership position of control and clarity is with skilful planning that allows time to think through all aspects of life away from work in order to make the sale as smoothly flowing towards success as possible while also ensuring enough cushioning should anything go awry or opportunities arise unexpectedly along this journey.

LINK Enterprise’s team of high-value business brokers in the Southern Hemisphere is unmatched.

Answering the most important questions can facilitate simple company sales.

  • Which exit strategies have advantages and disadvantages?
  • How can I tell if the sale of my company will provide me with enough money for the next phase of my life?
  • Who can aid in my departure strategy and execution?
  • What characteristics will draw a buyer to my business?
  • Which kind of buyer will help me achieve my goals?
  • When would be the ideal moment to sell my company?
  • How does one go about selling their business?
  • How can I leave my family a legacy and safeguard my fortune after a sale?

About Link Enterprise:

Formed in 1996, LINK Enterprise has grown to become one of New Zealand’s most well-known business brokerages. The company is known for its international networks that span across many countries and continues to thrive with Bruce Catell at the helm! Bruce has been in the business of making dreams come true for decades of years. He has worked on every level, from sales to marketing and management, right up to top-notch web development—he knows his stuff!

If you are thinking of Sell My Business, then make a personal enquiry at Link Enterprise.