How to Choose the Best Midweek Bible Study Tools?



You might often face situations at your church where members are not showing up for your Midweek Bible study.

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You might often face situations at your church where members are not showing up for your Midweek Bible study. This can be because you are actually adding value to their lives. So, you can improve the way you deliver a Bible study with certain techniques and tools.

One of the senior pastors at the Light House Houston church spoke, explaining, “You have to know the difference between the Bible study and small groups. The earlier one has a purpose. You cannot just attend or host it without an end goal. To be successful, you have to study the Bible properly and know which topic and verse you want to talk about in the next Midweek Bible study. Whereas, the latter is nothing but the church members coming together to discuss anything and everything.”

“Make a weekly schedule for your Bible study groups. At the same time, show them which problem or issue can that weekly Bible study solve. Often, people need to know if the following week’s Bible study will be useful to them or not. So, if you are already labelling the Bible study for the Midweek session like how to become a really good leader or a person who forgets the dark past, you will be more interested in that subject. But if you label the Midweek Bible study about reading the book of Romans, it won’t be of much interest.” This was a useful comment by one of the senior members of the Light House Houston church’s clergy.

“Choose a topic that is actually very interesting and pretty hard to talk about at times. This could be leadership, money, business, or dealing with difficult relationships of one’s life. Now and then, people are demotivated, unhappy, sad, and facing failures in life. At times, they don’t know how to get out of it. By attending your Midweek Bible study themed around these topics, they will feel the urge to join you for the same. Realize what is their real problem and work on it to deliver the best Midweek Bible study.” This was one handy tip to conduct the most social and engaging Bible study by one of the sisters at Light House Houston Church.


We introduce you to the best Midweek Bible study tools in this press release. These tools will help you add more value to every church member’s life who attends a Bible study.

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