How See-N-Read Reading Tools Help Struggling Readers



The release discusses about reading tools for struggling readers by See-N-Read Reading Tools, an online resource for learning tools. It further highlights the benefits of using the tools.

Press Release

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Aurora, IL/2021: Reading speed and comprehension can be significantly improved with the right technique, guidance and approach. If you are a struggling reader looking for ways to get better at the skill, you should consider using the learning tools provided by See-N-Read Reading Tools, an online resource for high quality and affordable reading tools.

About See-N-Read 

This is an online resource where a number of helpful learning tools are provided at affordable prices. The tools were originally designed in an endeavor to help Dr. Sylvia R. Smith’s youngest daughter who had reading difficulties in school. Dr. Smith is a keynote speaker for DuPage Children’s Museum Conference and a Board member at the Giant Steps School for Autism, Inc. They have been designed after years of research with the aim of helping learners of every age group read/learn with minimum distraction and absorb the information being read to the best of their ability.

Reading Tools 

  • See-N-Read: A reading strip to reduce line skipping, word skipping and pattern glare.
  • MemoryMark: This includes a reading tool with a cut out clear window to help readers highlight and take notes while reading. It is suitable for 3rd grade and up learners.
  • eSee-N-Read: This is an electronic reading and instruction tool for PCs that improves the online reading process, helps highlight key text and remover distractions.
  • See-N-Spell: It comprises of an at-a-glance design aimed at improving writing skills and academic vocabulary. It includes commonly misspelled words, commonly used American words and special interest words.
  • ColorTAG: An assistive tool that helps learners read, organize and retrieve information with a color-based process. It includes a tri-fold card, a graphical prompt card, a tri-color highlighter and a MemoryMark reading too. It is suitable for grade 6 and up learners. 

Benefits of Using the Tools 

  • The design of the tools are aligned with STAAR and Common Core
  • The tools are U.S. Patent Awarded and made of non-toxic BPA free materials
  • The tools improve fluency and comprehension
  • They are suitable and beneficial for learners of all age-groups
  • The tools are certified by the Consumer Product Safety improvement Act

For more information about using the reading tools by See-N-Read Reading Tools, you can call at 1-630-236-5592 or visit You can also mail your query at [email protected]