How Safe are you in the Cyberspace?



    The growing cyber threats have compelled companies to reach out to cyber security solutions providers who could help them reduce their risk of cyberattacks. SUDO Protect is one such reputed company in Dubai, UAE, dedicated to providing complete solutions to businesses as and when required.

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    Who is Prone to Cyberthreats?

    Cybersecurity is one of the burning topics for discussion in the technology space today, and nobody is safe in the digital space, be it anyone. Your business becomes vulnerable the day you open it. The cybersecurity concerns come first to your mind. The reason is its growing tentacles that reach out in all directions and ever ready to corrupt. No matter what business you are into, you are not safe from cyberthreats. If it is not your competitors or your business rivals, it could be somebody who wants to steal your data just out of fun or sell to others for profit. The threats range from cyber-criminals, disgruntled office staff, hackers, ethical hackers, outgoing employees, to personal/professional rivals, Nation-states. So, the reason could be any but the newest form of attack to overpower the rivals or enemies is cyber-attack. Sectors in finance and banking, defence, education and healthcare are more prone to cyber-attacks for the confidential information that they hold.

    How Can You Protect Yourself from Such Attack?

    You will need to build a strong, secure and reliable IT infrastructure with all necessary safety measures in place. You can also hire a professional cybersecurity expert to help you in the building a complete solution. However, if you do not have the resource for the purpose, then there are some simple steps that you can follow to reduce the risk of falling a victim to a cyberattack.

    • Install, use and update antivirus and antispyware software regularly
    • Use a firewall
    • Download and install software updates for your OS/applications as and when you find them
    • Create a backup of all essential business data
    • Secure your Wi-Fi networks.
    • Physical access to your computers/network must be controlled and given to limited people
    • Create separate user accounts for every employee.
    • Do not give access to important data and information to every employee
    • Software installation should be done by authorised staff only
    • Change your passwords regularly
    • Train employees from time to time about the purpose of cybersecurity

    SUDO Protect Can Help You Reduce Your Risk

    SUDO Protect is one of the prominent names in Dubai, UAE, offering complete cybersecurity solutions to businesses of all sizes. With highly qualified cybersecurity professionals, the company is fully-equipped to meet the diverse requirement in the cyberspace.

    You can reach out to SUDO Protect on the below contact details for further queries:

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    PHONE: +971 4 425 4242. +971 55 929 0001

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