How Property 852 is Making Renting Flats in Hong Kong Easy



    Property 852 is a leading real estate portal for renting or buying residential apartments or commercial spaces in the city of Hong Kong.

    Press Release

    Hong Kong has a wide range of dynamic real estate that is coveted by many. Having a population of over 7.5 million in the city only makes these available spaces even more sought-after and valuable. There was a need gap for a platform that can offer a secure and trustworthy environment for both tenants and owners. Property 852 is one such platform gaining momentum in the Hong Kong skyline. It works constantly towards erasing any unwarranted and unregistered middlemen who may dupe either of the parties to make money.

    Property 852 is a leading real estate portal for renting or buying residential apartments and/ or commercial spaces in the city of Hong Kong. It provides landlords and real estate agents a transparent platform to showcase their properties. Simultaneously, its advanced search tool and associated features make it exceptionally easy for the tenants/buyers to find their dream home.

    A company spokesperson from Property 852 said in an interview, “ As a modern-day real estate portal, it is our duty to ensure that the buyer/tenant and seller/landlord can interact in real-time. Our team works tirelessly to collect accurate and high-resolution pictures of the property and host them on our portal with the right description. This is to provide each tenant/buyer a clear view of the property they might be willing to invest in. All our payments are done through extremely secure channels and are free of any hassles. The buyers can just sit and relax at their homes while making all the decisions and transactions.

    The property market in the city of Hong Kong is highly competitive where everyone is trying to bag the best deal. It was thus extremely important for someone to act as a buffer and safeguard everyone’s interest.

    When asked about their USP the official shared, “We see to it that the negotiations between the owner and the tenant are done unbridled and that all the information shared remains exclusively personal. We constantly work towards adopting new technology and innovations to offer tenants and owners complete control over their transactions on the portal. “

    Although there are properties available that can be rented for the short-term, experts cite that the most preferable deal is the one which is done for at least two years. If the tenant wishes to vacate the property, they have to give two months’ advance notice to the landlord.