Hourly Chime: Time Manager & Hours Timer Clock



An app that helps you to be alert, manage time with attention & reminds time

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Hourly chime: Time manager & Hours Timer Clock

Available on Google Play Store & App Store

Hourly chime is an app that helps you to stay attentive, manage your time with care, and reminds you of the time.

All Excellent Apps is pleased to announce the introduction of Hourly Chime: Time Manager & Hours Timer Clock, a new app from All Excellent Apps. The app will assist you with time management.

The hourly chime will emit a sound at a predetermined interval, drawing attention towards passing time. You can also activate time speaking, in which case the time will be said loudly first, followed by the sound.

Managing time in today’s world is a stressful task; we frequently forget about the most important things due to work or other activities. You can easily keep track of the hours you spend by using this app.

Whether it’s drinking water, taking medicines, or attending some important meeting, you can keep alerts, and you would never miss out on it,


  • Hourly reminder sound ON/OFF toggle switch
  • Repeat every hour, half-hour & quarter-hour
  • Various chime sounds – Bell, Ding dong, Whistle, Etc.
  • Set volume as required
  • Silent time ON/OFF toggle switch
  • Add do not disturb days
  • Get Silent time frame by setting Start time & End time frame

“The app is incredibly simple and user-friendly for users to use,” stated the CEO of All Excellent Apps, “but with that, it includes a feature such as text to speech, adds do not disturb days, a variety of chime sounds, and many more to make the app more accurate and dependable for our day-to-day tasks”.

This hourly chime time tracker app is a break timer & motivation alarm clock for those lazy hours to make you think about the time.

Download now,

Hourly chime: Time manager & Hours Timer Clock