Honest locksmith GSW combats rip-offs with precaution



    GSW's renowned security expert Thomas Ernst warns of the black sheep in his industry.

    Press Release

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    Time and again, Viennese citizens are victims of rip-offs. The recent case cost the victim almost 3,000 euros.

    Here are the details:

    The Viennese citizen Jasvir S. locked himself out of his apartment and contacted a locksmith. This person netted 1,400 euros and cashed twice on one

    Jasvir S. (40) from Vienna-Brigittenau recently had double bad luck: At first, his apartment door slammed shut. “A gust of wind has unfortunately made it
    and gone was the key, “he says.

    Then, at the very end of his nerves, he contacted a locksmith number he found on Google’s search engine. Immediately craftsmen came and opened
    the door. After that, they put a hefty bill. The men demanded once for unlocking the horrendous amount of 1,400 euros.
    Jasvir was under pressure to pay with his debit card. The scammers used their mobile card device and then specify that the debit card
    did not work.

    Under enormous pressure, Jasvir pulled his second credit card. The amount of 1,400 euros was charged twice – a total of 2,800 euros.
    Only after the debit of a bank account, the citizen found that he had been cheated.

    But the alleged scammers are gone, desperate calls end in a call center.

    GSW’s renowned security expert Thomas Ernst warns of the black sheep in his industry. Unfortunately, poor Viennese citizens
    are more and more victims of certain frauds who discredited our profession. That’s why worried guarantors should always have one
    note with the contact details of a reputable locksmith – such as GSW – carry with them, similar to the emergency numbers of police, doctors and firefighters,
    to be prepared in case of emergency. Ernst knows, afterwards you are always smarter, but unfortunately it is too late:
    “Here only clever provision helps thanks to our honest fixed price guarantee and a telephone number of our reputable key service GSW.”

    GSW has been the leading security and technology company in Central and Eastern Europe for 3 decades. Careful work, reasonable prices as well as reliability and fast help in case of emergency distinguish us. That’s why we are Krone Hit Partnerhandwerker 2017!
    The company has been run by entrepreneur Thomas Ernst for decades.