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Lalloo Solicitors is an Irish solicitor firm that has been in the business for 14 years

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Lalloo Solicitors (injured.ie) provides the most reliable services of no win no fee solicitors ideal for people who ran out of money treating the injuries they suffered from an accident in public, at work, or on the road. They can help these individuals who think they cannot afford to hire a solicitor, file a personal injury claim, and get it in court. These solicitors ensure that their clients will receive the compensation they deserve.

No win no fee solicitors are synonymous with no win no foal agreements or contingency agreements. They might sound new to most people, and that is why they explained it on their website. According to them, “If you win your case then you pay your Solicitor a Fee, usually deducted from the award, and the balance of the award is then issued to you. Defendant Solicitors costs are not relevant in these circumstances, as their Principal will pay them, usually an Insurance Company. If you do not win your case then you do not pay your Own Solicitors legal fees, however, you may be liable for the Defendant Solicitors Legal Fees”.  It is this simple.

Lalloo Solicitors is the law firm to trust, especially when it comes to personal injury claims. Their tagline, “Your legal rights are our business”, says a lot. They commit to a high standard of service by assigning a dedicated claims handler to each of their clients throughout the process. They guide them through all the technical and legal aspects of fighting claims for personal injuries, advising rights and entitlements. They also ensure to minimise the use of complicated legal jargons for their clients to understand everything about the case and explain it clearly and concisely. In doing so, they guarantee to take away their clients’ stress, being always there whenever they are needed.

Interested parties can know more about Lalloo Solicitors, their services and what they do by visiting their website at www.injured.ie.

About Lalloo Solicitors

Lalloo Solicitors is an Irish solicitor firm that has been in the business for 14 years, protecting people’s civil rights, offering personal attention, using plain language and giving practical and impartial advice. They mainly help individuals who got into an accident in public, at work or on the road, assisting them to get the compensation they deserve for their personal injury claim. They also handle airline claims and are expert Employment solicitors. They will indeed help you, as their tagline says, “Your legal rights are our business”. For inquiries, you can contact them by filling out their contact form at injured.ie/contact. As an alternative, you can send them an email at [email protected] or talk to one of their representatives through this number: 01 6641800.