Handyman App: A New release from SpotnRides to Commercialize Handyman Services



Make the household service easy and quick with the use of a newly launched on-demand handyman app from SpotnRides and get branded in the on-demand space.

Press Release

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Today, everything is spinning around the on-demand applications. Either booking a taxi ride or getting the meal from the favorite restaurant at the right time. An on-demand app like Uber doesn’t stop at this point. With the help of the Uber for X business model, entrepreneurs are able to uplift their business into online service booking platforms easily. This helps them to handle their service digitally and get branded quickly.

In this aspect, entrepreneurs started to invest in the handyman app to make people’s work easy and effective with a digital interface. Since the on-demand services are affordable and allow the customers to track the booked service in real-time, many industries like the handyman sector are filling the gaps to provide an enriched service in a single platform right at the doorstep. One such platform is Uber for Handyman where it connects all the handymen with the customers to bring comfortable access.

SpotnRides is a one-stop solution provider for entrepreneurs to get an on-demand app with the latest tech stacks and stunning metrics. The various service booking app solution from the SpotnRides comes with key-features like scheduled service, instant booking, numerous payment gateway, checking service on-track, and many more to enhance the user’s experience. The application can also be customized at any time as per the entrepreneur’s requirements.

“Gone are days, where entrepreneurs are able to run the business successfully in the market. Today without an online presence vendors aren’t able to reach the customers and boost up sales. Taking that into consideration, We are very happy to help the young entrepreneurs with the customizable on-demand app like Uber.” Stated CEO, SpotnRides. Also, he reported that ”We proudly announce the new launch of the on-demand handyman app solution to bring the revolutionary change in the new norm market”.

For More Information visit: https://www.spotnrides.com/uber-for-on-demand-handyman-app-services

Stunning Features of SpotnRides Handyman App: 

  • Modern Service Filter – Allows the customer to filter the handyman service according to their requirements from the listed services. This reduces the time on service search and makes the bookings quick.
  • Customizable Handyman’s Profile – The handyman (service provider) can customize their service skill according to their expertise and they are also allowed to re-change it at any time.
  • In-app Communication – This stable in-app communication feature, builds trust and reduces panic of the end-players without sharing the personal details can clear the user’s queries.
  • Simplified Service Tracking – After the confirmation of the booking, the customers are able to track their booked service in real-time song with the estimated time of arrival.

Provide the fruitful handyman service to the people in the market with SpotnRides Uber for Handyman app solution.