Growing Website Traffic using Reverse Content Clustering Strategy



Many are following a certain that can help companies obtain organic traffic. However, in Pimclick we like to think outside the box and follow a process that only we follow. This process is called Reverse Content Cluster Strategy.

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To give a short backstory, we own an informational site that displays and speaks on solar panels and other solar products. We have tested the reverse content cluster strategy with this very site.

Our team followed a step-by-step implementation procedure based on our well-research SEO strategies and basically started from the very basics. Instead of building a user-friendly website design, we decided to get our technical SEO and mobile usability issues in top order as we felt that this was the initial process. As I mentioned, a lot of companies are competing with each, which basically means a ton of keywords are in the competition atmosphere as well. With that being said, the next step for us was finding those low-hanging fruits, essentially the easy to win or low competition keywords that aren’t being met by others. We like to consider this our strong list, and once collected, we arranged them clusters according to the searcher’s intent.

This is where we can now implement the reverse content cluster strategy by having our SEO team come together and figure out how to get it done. The idea of reverse content cluster strategy was simple. Instead of focusing and targeting the difficult and highly competitive keywords, we basically started the journey right from the bottom. Which meant, writing content for those ‘easy to win’ keywords which are usually the long-tail keywords catered directly to the search queries on Google or other search engines.

Once we’ve obviously started to see traffic flowing into these low competitive keywords, the next step we did was create content for the highly searched volume and competitive keywords. And along with this, we created internal links within the cluster to allow a smooth and organized flow of ‘SEO Juice’. This helps us rank faster for the money keywords that were initially hard to win.

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