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Gold Coast Digestive Health is a well-known clinic that helps people to recover from their digestive problems.

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Gold Coast Digestive Health is a well-known clinic that helps people to recover from their digestive problems. It helps in treating diseases such as food intolerances, malabsorption issues, parasitic, fungal, bacterial issues, and many more. Natasha Martin has decades of experience and treated many patients with prolonged medical conditions. It provides affordable treatment to patients which are based on clinical results. The integrative medicine and wellness clinic helps people to develop good food habits and a healthy lifestyle. By following the advice of the doctor, patients can prevent the attack of several diseases.

Integrative medical treatment is different from conventional treatment. This treatment approaches the problem in a different view. The recovery rate is fast and effective, and this drives many people to take this medicine model for all their illnesses. Few benefits of following integrative medicine are:

The ultimate aim of this treatment model is to prevent our body from being subjected to illness. Thus, it ensures optimal health by developing innate qualities within ourselves to prevent, fight, and heal diseases on our own through an effective diet and lifestyle.

The integrative doctor will look at the person as a whole and tries to find a solution to the underlying problem. Conventional doctors will look at the symptom of a disease and treat them. Considering the patient’s lifestyle, environment, work-life, mental state, etc helps to find the actual reasons behind every health problem. Thus, a holistic approach helps to develop the overall well-being of the body.

All patients are assessed using the latest naturopathic technology as well as functional pathology testing at every stage of the treatment process. This type of testing helps the doctors to visualize the present health condition of the patients and the necessary steps to be taken to improve them.


Gold Coast Digestive Health is a renowned digestive health clinic based in the Gold Coast. Natasha Martin, being one of the most experienced professionals in this field effectively cures patients. Gold Coast Digestive Health offers a myriad of digestive health consultations and testing facilities to cure the illness. Effective use of the latest equipment and medical treatment makes them stand out among other physicians. Treatment facilities at Gold Coast Digestive health include body scan, Hemaview, Intolerance testing, Adrenal function testing, DNA testing, pyrrole testing, and many more. For more details visit,


13 Kurrambee Avenue,

Ashmore, QLD 4214.

Phone 07 5676 5076