Gold Coast Digestive Health Cures Diseases using Functional Medicine



    Gold Coast Digestive Health clinic is a renowned medical centre located in Gold Coast, Queensland.

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    Gold Coast Digestive Health clinic is a renowned medical centre located in Gold Coast, Queensland. Doctor Natasha Martin, being the chief physician, has over two decades of experience in naturopathic treatment, and she is a specialist in digestive health. Its services include digestive health consultations and integrative consultations. Clinical testing facilities include microscopic screening, Zyto body scan, and cellular health analysis. Also, the availability of pathology testing facilities helps in treating the patients more effectively.


    Functional Medicine:

    Functional medicine is ta type of scientific approach in which both patients and doctors work together on the road to physical wellness. This alternative medicine model is related to the patient’s mind, energy, and body. Practitioners discuss with patients deeply and find the root cause of the particular disease and treat them. 


    To analyze the patients, doctors get to know some details of the patients such as their food habits, lifestyle, work environment, and many more. Getting to know these details helps the doctors to frame the correct treatment that helps them to recover soon. Apart from restoring the patient’s health, doctors will guide them on how to lead a healthy life. The recovery rate from this model is very high compared to conventional modes of treatment.


    Why Gold Coast Digestive Health?

    Natasha Martin has treated many patients suffering from digestive illness in her area and has achieved phenomenal results in doing so. Doctors will listen to the patients and analyse the problems to find out the best possible combination of medicines that works for the patients. Everyone’s body is unique, so what works for one sometimes doesn’t work for other patients so it is vital to know what kind of treatment works best for your body. Following the advice of the physician strictly, patients recover soon and can improve their physical condition healthier than ever. 



    Gold Coast Digestive Health is an elite integrative and wellness clinic based in Gold Coast, Queensland. It is a specialized clinic to address the digestive issues and provides impeccable services for the past several years. She believes that the digestive problem is the main reason for all diseases, and stabilizing the digestive system helps to restore a healthy body. Also, rather than treating just the symptom she gets to the root cause of a particular disease and treats them effectively. For more details about functional medicine visit,



    13 Kurrambee Avenue

    Ashmore, QLD 4214

    Phone: 07 5676 5076