Go Digital with E-mycook: Give Your Restaurant or Cafe an Online Presence



“Now, professional chefs, restaurants and cafes can download E-mycook from App Store for starting meal delivery service online.”

Press Release

The idea is simple but unique. Of course, quite profitable, too! E-mycook, a food delivery app, brings exciting news for the chefs, restaurants and cafes. It has just become easy and convenient for them to delight a new customer base and boost revenue.

The app started its journey with the intent of launching a creative and financial space for stay-at-home cooks. Now, the recent addition of local eateries and professional chefs has added a feather to its cap. Popular chefs are at the fingertips of the customers, and this generates profitable growth.

This meal delivery app Melbourne welcomes self-employed chefs, professional chefs, restaurants and cafes, apart from the amateur cooks. The chefs, working independently, can utilise the exciting medium to garner extra income.

The app was only downloadable from Play Store previously, but its latest launch on App Store has brought convenience to many. There are no special charges added, or chefs need not pay one extra penny for the download. Let’s take a glance at the significant features,

  • Interaction with customers
  • Create your own digital menu
  • Flexible operating hours
  • Money directly credited to bank account
  • Reach a wide customer base
  • Increase annual growth
  • Redefine your brand with an online presence

E-mycook encourages professional chefs and local eateries to join the digital revolution which has the potential to ameliorate the food industry. The massive technological development, at present, impacts every sector in Melbourne, and the food joints are no different.

The instant payments, steady income and virtual expansion of the service – numerous benefits tag along with one touch on the Download button.

Besides catering to the chefs, the app serves the food aficionados across Melbourne and Sydney. The customers can geo-localise their favourite chefs, stay-at-home cooks or restaurants, and get everything delivered right at the doorstep.

In essence, E-mycook exists to overcome the communication gap between customers and cooks. The greater delight waits for both as two parties fetch exciting benefits simultaneously.

So, do you want to launch an online presence of your restaurant? Or, do you want to gorge over the delicious meals? For your appetising wishes, download E-mycook (available on iOS now). For more information, visit e-mycook.com.au.



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