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24SevenCommerce launches the Rest API of Octopus – the Cloud-based eCommerce integration platform

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The pandemic has completely redefined the retail landscape. We are witnessing unprecedented growth in the eCommerce segment. According to market reports the traditional retail sales have declined.

The 3 components that make up an integrated POS eCommerce solution:

  • A RESTful API centralized inventory management system, complete with an admin panel to manage products, categories, sales, stocks, etc.
  • An API-connected point of sale (POS) system to sell in retail stores.
  • An eCommerce site, connected to the API, displaying the products.

Key features of the integration solution:

  • You can import orders from multiple sales channels
  • The inventory syncs near real-time across different platforms
  • Get, add and update products effortlessly
  • Import customer lists and maintain one master list

Why should you provide integration services?

Scale your business with an eCommerce ready POS: Make your POS compatible with all the leading shopping carts. You can connect your POS to any technology or system thereby giving you access to a much larger market.

Add new revenue stream: Earn a one-time setup fee for each new client added. There is also a monthly fee that you can earn on integration services from every client.

Benefits you can promise to your merchant customer base

1: Sell online and in-person:

POS eCommerce integration allows you to launch your online store quickly using existing inventory. It also enables you to manage all sales from one single location with one single view.

2: No more manual data entry

With POS integration merchants can eliminate manual data entry. Data gets transferred automatically and seamlessly between the online and offline systems. They can now post product details from the POS to the online store and make provisions to automate purchase orders. This will help save money, time, and resources.

3: Have access to inventory details in real-time

When a sale happens, the inventory count gets updated simultaneously at all the shop fronts. Retailers can now easily keep track of stock levels and activate auto-replenishment. There will no longer be instances of stock-outs. You can quickly transfer merchandise from one store to another or the warehouse based on requirements.

4: Faster shipping and better order management

Order management gets automated with POS integration. As soon as a customer places an order, it gets automated immediately and sent for shipping. This can enhance the customer’s buying experience.

5: Offer an omnichannel shopping experience

Today, customers prefer to buy products online and pick them up from a nearby location. It reduces the waiting time and also helps save on shipping costs. With POS integration, merchants can take orders online and use the store as a fulfillment center. It enables the retailers to provide an omnichannel shopping experience.

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