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Divyam Deep is a self-taught singer and music composer / Director. He is known for his very popular song name was (Shinchan) which was released in 2021

Divyam Deep was born on 8 September 2003. in a small town Hazaribagh, Jharkhand . He lives with his father Mr. Sunil Kumar Jha, mother Mrs. Chitrakala Jha, and one elder sister Vernika Raj . He is from a family that doesn’t have any background in music. Though he showed an interest in music from a very young age, he never thought of becoming a musician until the age of 17.

Generally, many people start pursuing their talents during adolescence, but this is not true for Divyam Deep. He began performing on stage from kindergarten when he was asked to perform at school functions. His family supported him despite not knowing much about it.

Divyam Deep is a Musician, Singer Actor, and a YouTube personality. He started his career with singing and composing songs for YouTube videos at the age of 15 and became famous as a teenager. His work has been appreciated by critics and audiences alike because of its unique melody and composition style . he started his own official YouTube channel in 2020 and within one year he has reached an impressive milestone of 5 lakhs+ streams worldwide.

He is influenced by the sounds of mainstream pop, rap, jazz, soul, rock, world music, orchestral music, among others.

He is regarded as one of the most versatile musician in India.