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La Fuente Clinic is a mixed practice that unites several industry-leading specialists, medical practitioners, and clinicians under one roof.

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La Fuente Clinic ( offers many different aesthetics, beauty, and health treatment services, including laser hair removal. The clinic aims to empower both men and women to feel more confident in their bodies and appearance.

The clinic offers a wide variety of aesthetic treatments focusing on different areas, such as advanced facials, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser treatments, and scalp pigmentation treatments. These are then branched out to different special treatments. For instance, potential clients can choose from six other laser aesthetics treatments: Focus Dual, skin remodelling with ONDA, pain-free laser hair removal – The Motus AY, Excelifght IPL Treatments, TheraClear for skin cleansing, and TheraClear for active acne.

La Fuente Clinic’s The Motus AY is the only pain-free laser hair removal treatment they offer. The clinic utilises the Alexandrite ‘Moveo’ technology device, which can treat all skin types. This device can even target very light and fine hair, so potential clients can rest assured that they will acquire the best results after undergoing this treatment.

Aside from laser treatments, La Fuente Clinic is also known for its health treatments, such as its Medical Dermatology service. With this comprehensive treatment, potential clients can help determine whether they have symptoms of recognised medical conditions such as psoriasis or rosacea. This treatment can also help determine whether the skin issues an individual is experiencing is because of skin cancer or just something that happened naturally and nothing to worry about. Potential clients can rest assured that professionals will carry out the assessment treatment to identify any skin issues. The clinic’s professionals will also provide professional advice to the patients.

Interested clients can join La Fuente Clinic’s family with their exclusive clinic membership. For only £29 per month, potential clients can acquire an Essential membership to pick one treatment from the beauty package. Essential members would also have a 10% discount on any other treatments. Potential clients can also choose the Luxury membership for £99 per month or the Elite membership for £229 per month. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

For more information about their services, interested parties can visit their website at

About La Fuente Clinic

La Fuente Clinic is a mixed practice that unites several industry-leading specialists, medical practitioners, and clinicians under one roof. A team founded la Fuente with an illustrious history in the beauty business to provide the Midlands with a perfect balance of holistic health, dermatological medicine, aesthetics, and beauty treatments. For enquiries, you may fill out their contact form at You may also call them via 01926 893091 or send an email through [email protected]