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Catering to the UK and Ireland, Solid Print3D Ltd provide world class 3D hardware & software solutions to Engineering, and Design Organisations. This includes professional sales, training and support for 3D Printers, 3D scanners, CNC and 3D software.

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Solid Print 3D Ltd ( is the UK’s best additive specialist retailing high-grade products like the Markforged 3D printer, scanners, software, and consumables with corresponding training courses for its users, among others. Their services include a pro service plan that contains an hour of introduction to their machines by a reliable representative and a hot-swap once replacements or repairs are necessary. They are open to partnerships with bureaus that offer 3D scanning, CAD design, and the use of specialist printing materials.

Likewise, they provide a year of availability for support and assistance for their clients, covering telephone, email, and go-to-meetings. Clients can request consultations from their in-house experts who assist in initial 3D printing exploration, scanning demos, software overviews, and training.  Their premium client support includes courses available for FDM/FFF and SLA printing which educate on machine optimisation.

Moreover, they give clients have an option to finance their 3D purchase where the company offers various printer finance solutions through their authorised partner. Their rental services on 3D printers and scanners would suit short-term projects, start-up companies, and businesses opting to lower their expenses.

Furthermore, this reputable company has established a partnership with Solid Solutions, one of the biggest SolidWorks distributors globally. This reputable company have supported over 19,000 design and engineering companies and have sustained industries ranging from aerospace, architecture, automotive, dentistry, engineering, medical, manufacturing, and education.  Their durable products are made from the world’s toughest fibre reinforcement materials and flame-blocking parts and are manufactured by various trusted brands like Formlabs, Utlimaker, Bigrep, Sindoh, and Creaform.

Their website’s 3D Printer Matrix comprehensively features each of their products’ build volume, layer resolution, unique selling point, software score, and costs conveniently sorted according to price and popularity.  Clients can choose among polymer extrusion, UV curing resin, and powder fusing processes that create fast prototypes or trade in-house end-use parts suitable for technical applications.

Solid Print3D markets superior printers for quicker product iteration and higher resolution of tools. These printers are capable of crafting lustrous parts that outperform aluminium and details as fine as 25 microns.

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About Solid Print3D Ltd

Solid Print3D is the UK’s top expert and retailer of premium 3D printers, scanners, and consumables manufactured by leading brands. They provide pro service plans for clients and offer partnerships with bureaus that specialise in 3D scanning and printing. They also provide training courses and consultations for premium client support. For inquiries, you may fill out their contact form at Alternatively, you may dial their customer service hotline at 01926 333 777 or email them at [email protected]