Get professional casting features with the radio automation software of SAM Broadcaster PRO



SAM Broadcast PRO brings all the features of professional radio automation software to your studio for clear, quality audio to send across the world.

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July 4, 2021: Broadcasting has never been as easy as right now. There are many tools available to get quality audio out to your audience, from the small traveling correspondent to the complete professional radio stations. Internet radio allows people from all walks of life to get their message out regardless of technical skills.

The professional radio automation software from Spacial provides you with all the tools you may need to organize, produce, feature, and stream your next radio presentation. It has won more than 21 awards in the software and web industries. SAM Broadcast PRO is considered the number one internet broadcasting solution since 2003.

This fantastic studio tool comes complete with various fully developed tools that enable DJs and audio creators to build quality shows every single time. In addition, it has a built-in advanced equalizer and sound processor to make your audio bright and memorable. There is even a multi-band processor to manage a compressor, expander, and limiter on each band.

Your engineer, or at-home amateur creator, will be able to instantly respond to their audience’s real-time statistics so they can interpret what is working. Take advantage of the dual-deck system to queue up the next audio presentation or song on your setlist. This feature can be fully utilized to operate your station 24/7 while you sit back and focus on other content.

The configuration features are laid out in an easy-to-understand user interface so you can improve any sound tweak needed. A cross-fading feature allows more versatility between tracks, and a beat-matching voice option is frequently utilized by popular radio morning shows all over the US.

SAM Broadcaster PRO is a great way to organize your ever-growing library of music, audio, interviews, and clips so you can quickly pull them up when your programming requires. All in all, this is a complete suite of tools that will turn your small creative endeavor into a full-fledged professional production.

Spacial started as a DJ company in 2002 that recognized the growing need for quality audio software to broadcast music and other audio in the internet age. Since then, it has combined the features of professional studios with new suggestions from an expansive User base to create some of the best radio automation software available.

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