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Toffeln Shop offers a large selection of nurses shoes UK, trainers, and clogs that are lightweight, comfortable, and suitable for healthcare professionals.

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Toffeln ( is proud to offer its wide range of lightweight, comfortable nurses shoes, trainers, and clogs in different colours and features.  Established in 1978, they had been manufacturing scientifically-developed footwear for healthcare professionals across 50 countries. Their Smart Sole range and customisable insoles heal foot pain quickly and are vegan friendly. Their selections have stretch linings that reduce rubbing and their breathable uppers are machine washable, antibacterial, and stain-resistant.

Compared to ordinary flat shoes, their products are made with raised heels that help dispense pressure within, eliminating fatigue while walking and standing. A partnership with the University of Salford allowed them to combine biomechanics and material science with advancements and research in shoe design. Before making their products available, each feature in their footwear line undergoes an innovation loop that includes performance testing and wearer evaluation. Such innovation in ergonomics reflects their commitment to excellence in the industry. With interventions from podiatry specialists, their AktivKlog, AktivFlex, and AktivLite collection have been positively recognised by hardworking nurses and other active workers.

Buyers can even receive a 10% discount on their first order once they sign up on their website. With each purchased pair, buyers also receive free insoles that come in firm, medium, and soft types.  People suffering from plantar fasciitis can significantly benefit from wearing Toffeln products. It’s proven to be the right footwear for them since this orthopaedic illness causes sharp pains in the heels during long walks.

One student nurse mentioned that the shoes were an “absolute lifesaver”At the same time, another NHS worker considered them as a “God-sent”. These are just among hundreds of reviews about their firm favourites proudly shared on their website. Moreover, their line extends to the best-selling shoe accessories with detailed descriptions. Their centre accepts returns of unused and undamaged items. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if purchasers are unsatisfied with their orders. Items are also delivered for free within the UK.

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About Toffeln

Toffeln Shop offers a large selection of nurses shoes UK, trainers, and clogs that are lightweight, comfortable, and suitable for healthcare professionals. Besides having different features, colours, and styles, their shoe range is scientifically developed and manufactured based on technological research. Such Smart Sole, AktivKlog, AktivFlex, and AktivLite footwear quickly heals foot pain, have customisable insoles, and are vegan friendly. These innovative feet protectors reduce rubbing and are stain-resistant. They are also washable and antibacterial.  If you are interested in purchasing their products, you may fill out their contact form at Alternatively, you may dial their customer service hotline at 0345 500 4433 or email them at [email protected].