Get A Feel-Good Health Boost With Personalized Mobile IV Therapy



Get A Feel-Good Health Boost With Personalized Mobile IV Therapy

Press Release

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Boulder, CO – Residents in Boulder who are feeling under the weather or looking to improve their well-being can tap into a unique mobile IV therapy managed by critical care nurses who deliver the service right to their door.


Intravene Mobile IV Therapy is a versatile medical spa that offers high-quality IV therapies to help individuals achieve their wellness goals – whether they’re seeking to boost athletic performance, combat the effects of aging, or improve mental clarity.


Located out of 815 Alpine Ave. APT 3, Boulder, CO, Intravene is breaking the mold by bringing the IV therapy service to clients’ homes instead of having the inconvenience of having to drive to an IV Bar.


The team of experienced nurses provide premier, personalized IV treatments to suit a client’s needs. All the nurses contracted with Intravene are critical care trained, either in an Intensive care unit or emergency department.


“Intravene has become Boulder’s preferred IV therapy provider because we customize a client’s IV bags based on their symptoms and use only the most experienced nurses in the industry,” commented company founder Joey Bianco RN, NRP.


Intravene offers a range of IV therapies, including Vitamin IV Therapy for hydration, optimized performance, reduction of lactic acid and immune system support. Their NAD IV Therapy is available for improved mental clarity and memory, pain relief, and skin and muscle health.


Clients who had a party at the weekend may well benefit from a Hangover IV, which offers enhanced recovery after drinking, increased energy and preventative measures. The nurses also provide an Immunity Boost IV for enhanced recovery from an illness, immune system support, illness prevention and inflammation relief.


Mr Bianco emphasized that Intravene’s highly trained nurses have the best critical thinking skills as they have a greater understanding of physiology and pathophysiology so they can assist clients and ensure the safest and best care available.


“Our critical care nurses can help you feel great, whether because you’re ill due to a sickness or just want an immune boost after a flight. Our premier service is about making you feel comfortable and safe and helping you feel great. It’s really our nurses that set Intravene apart from its competitors,” he added.


To schedule an appointment with Intravene, call 720 730-3839, email [email protected] or go to for more about its IV Therapy services.