Game On: IChessU Introduces Engaging After-School Chess Initiative for Students



IChessU, the world's leading online chess school, is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative after-school chess program, developed specifically for students.

Press Release

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Apr ’24, USA: IChessU, the world’s leading online chess school, is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative after-school chess program, developed specifically for students. With the aim of enhancing learning experiences beyond the conventional classroom environment, IChessU introduces an engaging initiative to introduce the strategic game of chess directly into schools.

The new program allows students to participate in live online chess lessons while remaining on school grounds or from home. Students can now improve their chess skills under the supervision of experienced IChessU coaches, either in group sessions or through private coaching.

The introduction of this groundbreaking after-school initiative is met with enthusiasm, and excitement. They aim to make chess education more accessible and enjoyable for all students. This program brings the anticipation and strategic thinking of chess right into their school environment.

Picture a bustling school campus teeming with eager young minds, all eagerly anticipating the opportunity to engage in live online chess lessons led by seasoned IChessU coaches. Whether they gather in dynamic group sessions or opt for the personalized attention of private coaching, students find themselves immersed in a world of strategic intrigue and intellectual stimulation, right in the heart of their educational environment.

The program is accessible to students of all skill levels and ages, providing an opportunity for both beginners and advanced players to improve their abilities. Students can learn valuable chess strategies and techniques through interactive lessons and personalized coaching, improving their chess skills and fostering critical thinking and decision-making.

Furthermore, IChessU’s after-school chess program is flexible and convenient for both schools and students. Schools can enrich their extracurricular activities and accommodate busy schedules by incorporating live online coaching sessions. Students, on the other hand, can participate in the program from the convenience of their school premises, avoiding the need for additional travel or logistics.

They believe that chess is not just a game, but a powerful educational tool. The game empowers students to unlock their full potential, using one strategic move at a time. For more information on IChessU’s after-school chess program and how to enroll, please visit

About the Company:

IChessU, also known as International Chess University, is an exclusive online platform that provides interactive chess education to people worldwide. This cutting-edge Chess

Learning Platform offers both group and private lessons to individuals of all ages and skill levels. IChessU’s comprehensive curriculum, personalized instruction, and experienced coaches differentiate them from other traditional methods of chess education. This makes chess education more affordable, convenient, and comprehensive.

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