Flying V Group Named Clutch Global Leader in 2020



Flying V Group is pleased to announce they have been named Clutch Global Leader in 2020.

Press Release

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Flying V Group is pleased to announce they have been named Clutch Global Leader in 2020. This list is an exclusive group of the top B2B service providers around the globe, making Flying V Group a leader for top tier service on the clutch platform.

Flying V Group was named a top 1000 company globally by, which is an exclusive award that represents just one percent of the companies listed on the site. This is a major achievement for the company. Clutch uses a variety of criteria to create their list, including number and quality of verified reviews, type of client firms they work with, service offered and their expertise with those services and brand reputation and visibility in the market. Flying V Group achieved high marks in all of these categories.

Robbi Fahrion, Co-Founder and Partner at Flying V Group, states, “Being named on the Clutch 1000 list is an incredible honor. To be a part of a list with so many other incredible companies has always been an aspiration for our firm. I want to thank our incredible clients and employees since they are the ones that deserve this award the most. This is just the beginning of our ascent as a firm.”

As a leading provider of digital marketing and advertising solutions and strategies to companies throughout the United States, Flying V Group combines execution and implementation with expert consulting and advice for each client’s digital marketing strategy. They are one of the fastest growing digital marketing firms in the country, providing the best strategy, execution and customer service to their clients.

Anyone interested in learning about their place on this prestigious list or the services offered can find out more by visiting the Flying V Group website or by calling 1-949-940-8884.

About Flying V Group: Flying V Group is a digital marketing firm that provides a variety of services to companies throughout the United States. Their goal is to provide the best strategy, execution and customer service to help their clients achieve success. They offer various digital marketing services, each customized to meet the unique needs of each client.

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